LCH Machine Specifications

The LCH Stabilised Earth Brick (SEB) Machine is easily transported onto a construction site and can immediately produce high quality, interlocking bricks made from the local soil. By using the unique interlocking features, LCH machines allow "dry construction", i.e. no mortar is required to hold the bricks together. Made from soil treated with RoadPacker Ionic Soil Stabiliser products, the LCH Stabilised Earth Bricks (SEB) can be used within a few days of production. The fast, reliable and easy to handle, Stabilised Earth Brick machine, will allow for low cost construction of high quality houses utilising unskilled labour.

The construction of a 50 square metre house requiring 5,000 soil/clay bricks, can be achieved in two or three (2 or 3) days and will be of the highest standard. The home will also be heat resistant, sound proof and completely stable. .

The LCH Stabilised Earth Brick Machine


bullet Fully automatic or manual modes controlled by pressure switches with built in cut off switches.
bulletSpecially designed hydraulic cooling system.
bulletAll hydraulic components are industrial grade and rated for extreme industrial use.
bulletRetractable heavy duty sieve on hopper, filters out large rocks and foreign debris, and folds down for easy transportation and reduced freight charges.
bulletEngine mounted to the frame of the machine to allow for maximum vibration to keep soil moving at a constant rate through the hopper.
bulletFrame constructed of 10cm (4 inch) channel iron for extreme strength to weight ratio and rigidity.
bulletAll welds are double welded for superior strength and vibration resistance.
bulletBrick molds are specially engineered for wear resistance.
bulletHeavy duty hitch with 5cm (2 inch) ball and built in levelling jack.
bullet12 volt D.C. electrical system.
bulletFully warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship (when maintained as per specifications for one (1) year).


bullet Brick size - 20cm x 20cm x 10cm (8 x 8 x 4 inches)
bulletProduction - 10 blocks per minute
bulletPower - 80 hp John Deere diesel
bulletCooling system - Heavy duty radiator (Made for extreme heat)
bulletHydraulic pump - Vickers
bulletControl valves - Rexroth or Vickers
bulletMachine size - 4.72m x 2.04m x 2.31m (15'6" long x 6'7" wide x 7'6" high, 1 per 20 ft. container)
bulletWeight - 2727kg (6000lbs)
bulletHydraulic Pressure - 1000kg/cm*2 to 1136 kg/cm*2 (2,200PSI to 2,500 PSI)

 Hydraulic oil capacity - 55 US gallons LCH constructed completed buildingLCH constructed building in progress

bulletHopper capacity - 1 cubic meter = 62 blocks
bulletUnskilled labour - 6 men
bulletSkilled labour - 1 man

The mobile integrated roadworthy trailer allows the movement of the LCH Stabilised Earth Brick Machine from one part of the construction site to another without major disruption to the project.

LCH Stabilised Earth Brick Dry Stacking Block Specifications

Made of: "Insitu" soil plus RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser compressed at over 40 tons
Bricks: Length 20 cm x Width 20 cm x Height 10 cm
Weight: +/- 10 kg
MPA : > 8 mpa

To produce good quality bricks with LCH Stabilised Earth Brick technology, the following procedures must be adhered to:

  1. A soil that contains 15%> percentage of clay, must be used, pure sand will not work. If inferior soil or clay is to be used, then a clayey material will have to be imported and properly mixed with the insitu material
  2. Mix the soil with the prescribed dosage of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser per m3 of material/soil.
  3. Adjust the hydraulic pressure of the machine to the type of soil and moisture used.
  4. Fill up the hopper with soil and the prepared RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser mix.
  5. Activate the LCH SEB Machine and begin stockpiling bricks as the are extruded from the automated press.
  6. The Stabilised Earth Bricks produced are so strong they can be easily handled and immediately stacked for storage on the building site.


LCH foundationsGood foundations have to be erected to give your building strong support. LCH Compacted Earth Brick can be used for these foundations.(0 .3 of a litre of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser per m3 of material/soil is recommended for foundations as a rule.)

In this instance only (foundations), the LCH Compacted Earth Brick will have to be assembled with mortar and carefully aligned. The first row of LCH Compacted Earth Bricks will give the essential vertical alignment for the other rows of bricks to be placed on to.


Easy To Assemble

LCH house in constructionLCH Compacted Earth Bricks are firmly interlocked on the top, bottom and sides. A wall built with LCH Compacted Earth Bricks is extremely strong and highly isothermic. Each brick is perfectly extruded and all bricks are of the highest quality.

There is no available technology that will allow you to build as fast as with LCH Compacted Earth Bricks at such a competitive price.

How To Build A Wall

LCH house in constructionOnce the foundations are built to the proper standard, the bricks should be moved close to the site for ease of handling, then start laying the first row of bricks. Check ( with a spirit level ) that the bricks are perfectly flat, ( Note: Any angle on the first row will throw out the vertical alignment of later rows ). The first row must be finalised with proper attention to the levels, paying particular attention to the junctions. Once the first row is completed, the walls will follow the set level and run true. Corners are easy to make and in a short time the building will take shape. Walls for a 50 square metre house are easily built in 1 or 2 days depending on the team's skill.

The LCH Compacted Earth Brick machine permits you to build using the insitu soil ( which is usually free ) and only 0.2 of a litre of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser per m3 in the mix to achieve the most inexpensive, strong and most attractive looking wall. This is why LCH Compacted Earth Brick technology is the most cost-effective method of building low cost housing, of the very highest standards.

 LCH wall in construction




Several Reasons Why This Technology Should Be Used.

bullet  LCH Compacted Earth Bricks allow you to use the most abundant raw material on earth, soil.
bulletLCH Compacted Earth Bricks use only 0 .2 litres of RoadPacker Clay Brick Stabiliser per m3 to be mixed with the soil to stabilise it.
bulletLCH Compacted Earth Bricks being strong and highly compacted, are of the highest resistance (>8mpa) and do not require the use of any reinforcing bars to build a completely strong durable dwelling of up to 3 stories. (Except in Seismic Areas)
bulletLCH Compacted Earth Bricks can be produced on the construction site, which negates the need for transporting the bricks and thereby, reduces the risk of damaging the already "paid for" bricks.
bulletLCH Compacted Earth Bricks utilise unskilled labour to manufacture the bricks, therefore, employment is provided for local indigenous population and costs are kept at the lowest level.
bulletLCH Compacted Earth Brick houses require a minimum of skilled labour to build. A professional bricklayer supervising the job will be sufficient, all other workers can be unskilled from the local surrounding area.
bulletThe LCH Compacted Earth Bricks are of a quality so high and a finish so good that most of the builders do not plaster or paint the external walls. Furthermore, the majority of the low cost housing, because of the high standard and finish, can be left with the internal walls not painted.
bulletA LCH Compacted Earth Brick house is totally isothermic to the extent that neither the heat nor the cold will affect the comfort of the occupants. Should the occupant decide that they wish to install air conditioning or central heating, then their electricity bill will be minimal.